My friend, and teacher... John

I have been 'architecturing' for some 50 years. For most of these years, I have been interested at how well design responded to user expectations of function and meaning.  As I have have reached a 'certain age,' my interests are shifting to what are healthy environments to age in. My friend John is helping me see what works in some aspects of aging environments. 

While I am learning about my new role as an artist, I am also interested in what are productive environments for artist. Combined with learning from personal experience, my artist friends are also my teachers.

My goal, ultimately, is to develop an environment for aging artists to thrive in. For now, I am at an embryonic stage - learning what it's like to transition from living a lifestyle of self-determination to 'prescribed' aging environments; as well as a range of artists living environments ... just looking, observing and inviting my friends to teach me.

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