A Story

Professional BIO

I started in architecture in the late 60's.  In the early 90's, I joined the U.S. Dept of State as an architect and project manager. There, I devoted much of my work to establishing a post-occupancy evaluation (POE) program to improve design and the built environment.  

I am now interested in the intersection of art, architecture, aging, and research in housing.

What being an artist means to me

Recently, I picked up photography from where I left it 30 years ago. Considering today's digital cameras and working with software instead of being an a darkroom -- photography feels very new. My next adventure will be in 'printing.'

I'm also fascinated by other pulls - metal sculpture, personal projects in architecture and renovations, and especially collaborating with a other artists. 

My guiding priorities as an artist are 'playing' and searching for 'new meaning.'  First, the search needs to feel like 'play' (think kids in a playground). As to the search for meaning - this starts with defining 'established' meaning - then taking a leap into 'new' meaning. This interest in 'meaning' comes from my years in architectural research; which continues to color my gaze as an artist.


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